You too can stop "chasing" prospects and attract them in an AUTOMATIC & professional pressure-free way.

As a life coach I generate every day (on autopilot) 1-10 meaningful conversations with potential new customers. How much would be 30-300 hot leads worth every month to you?

Hi, I am a professional coach and I am systematically getting clients in a pressure-free way with almost zero effort 🙂

Sergi Mora

Want some proof?

These 14 conversations were created on Nov. 11th following my unique Lead Generation system...

  • 1

    Ed is offering himself to partner with me. Thanks!

  • 2

    Lorena acknowledges my email and would like to attend a training with me

  • 3

    This guy CALLED ME on the 11/11 (following our message of 4 days ago) to invited me to talk to his collegues 🙂

  • 4

    One of my valuable connections in LinkedIn decides to buy my book. Thank you 🙂

  • 5

    Joaquin feels the need to endorse me for several skills

  • 6

    Carlos (a prospect) comes to me and invites me to join him

  • 7

    Another meaningful conversation: David opens himself up and explains me about his challenges

  • 8

    Anna asks for my profesional services. Wow!

  • 9

    Again, this is another meaningful conversation (Maura explains to me about her challenges)

  • 10

    Short message from Maite that shows emotion and gratitude!!

  • 11

    Júlia feels appreciation for my email

  • 12

    Andrea is happy to be in contact with me. And I am happy that we can now deepen our conversation

  • 13

    Albert feels grateful 🙂

  • 14

    And this other Andrea says she will recommend my site :)) Thank you!

How many opportunities are you missing every day for NOT using such an automatic system?This is Smart Social Selling